How Topshop got its nameTopshop is a British fashion retailer with a name that combines two small words into a compound brand name. They’re either a lead designer’s name or a descriptive name that must evoke a particular feeling and brand identity. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, don’t forget that you can use the clothing brand name generator for free to create lots of names in the blink of an eye. Since all real name generators already cover this technically, I focused exclusively on the descriptive names in this generator.

But of all clothing brands, the vast majority are named after the lead designer.

How do you get a designer brand name?

In this blog post, I hope to create a kind of brand name guide, in which I’ll highlight a few brands with outstanding brand names and share some thoughts on how you can develop a brand name that stands out too. So before you start writing down words or your name in different fonts, you need to define your brand. For example, if your brand is in the technology industry, your list could include words like agile, change, and connect. It’s true that some brands are occasionally happy with simple variations of their own name, simple extensions.

In addition to the organized design process, some designers are next looking for a business partner who will not only support him financially, but also help him bring new skills and ideas to the table.

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